Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Malay Roadside Vendors

I live in an area where the Malay population is rather dense. Hence, we have quite a large number of malay roadside vendors like satay stalls, burger stalls, nasi lemak stalls, you get the drift? The hubs and i have stopped going to Chinese coffeeshops for our meals. Their ever escalating prices are the main reason. As a human being, all we need is to fill our stomachs a few times a day, that's it. Therefore, it is ridiculous that we have to pay at least Rm5 for a decent bowl of noodles, plus around Rm2.10 for beverages. Of cos, we can order something cheaper or do without the drinks altogether but that is not the point. The thing is, the Chinese are notorious for jacking up food prices. I dont see a reason why i have to fork out about Rm8 per meal per pax each morning. 

On the contrary, the Malay stalls are selling their food for waaay lower prices. Well, there is always the argument that they are roadside vendors and apart from the basic business license, they literally do not pay anything else like rent, electricity and shop assistants unlike coffeeshop and foodcourt operators with a big overhead. And the hawkers who sell their wantan meen, har meen, kali meen, have to pay a monthly rent for their stalls. Oh nevermind. I dont miss their food anyways as to be honest, food quality has deteriorated and we are not getting what we used to pay for. Condiments are less, with some main ingredients being omitted from the dishes sold. 

Coming back to the Malay roadside vendors and what draws us to buy from them almost everyday. Prices. Low low prices. Nasi lemak being sold from Rm1.20, same goes to bihun goreng and mi goreng, kuey tiaw goreng. We pay a little extra for fried egg, rendang chicken and whatever they have to offer. Their dessert starts from 40c each with the likes of currypuffs, etc. I cant type more cos i do not know the names of the desserts, LOL!!! Well, i may not be the best at math, but if i can save more than Rm6.80 each morning per pax, i will. Cos for sure my father is not the Govenor of Bank Negara Malaysia. Once back home, we can always fry an egg to add to the nasi lemak, and make our own choice of beverage to enjoy.  

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Breadmaker Purple Sweet Potato Swirly Loaf Recipe

Recipe for the purple sweet potato swirly loaf I baked a few days ago:

100g Steamed and mashed sweet potato
10g Butter
10g Sugar
(Mix all together into a spreadable paste and set aside)

115g Cold water
1 Egg (about 50g)
20g Oil
15g Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
250g Hp flour
2tbsp wheat germ (me no use)
3/4tsp Instant yeast

1) Dump all these ingredients into the bm and set dough cycle.
2) Remove dough once bm has completed the dough cycle. It might be sticky like fck so flour the work surface, the blardy dough, and your hands well. Punch all the air out and rest it for 10mins or so, or until you say fck it why need to wait so long.
3) Then u knead it a bit and roll it out to a 40cm x 20cm rectangle.
4) Spread the sweet potato paste onto the flattened out dough. And then u start rolling it up from the 20cm side. Took me a while and the bottom of the damn thing keep sticking to my blue silicone mat, kanasai betul. So, use the scraper, flour to lift it up from under as you roll. Pinch the end of the roll up properly.
5) Cut it into half horizontally along the middle leaving a 2in top. Then u twist it and secure the ends. Bend it up into a ball lidat and place it back into the bm to proof till it doubles up.
6) Last, set it to the bake cycle and wateva crust color you want, and bake it for 40mins. I think I set it for 40mins cant remember liao so you sendiri test la.

Enjoy the recipe.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Back to blogging... is it for real?

So much has happened these past few years. Whirlwind affair. Not much traffic left on this blog except for the few random drop ins from the search engines due to keywords search terms that used to be hot during their heydays. I’ve not been able to replenish my brain juice to push myself back to setting up and running blogs like before. It was so fun. What I had envisioned for myself, sitting at a table, facing the window, with birds and butterflies flying around the flowerbeds, typing on a MacBook, did not materialise.. *lets out a long big suffering sigh...*

I started a few blog titles moons back. Empty. Now, I gotta filled them up nicely and send them out to work. Like it or not, have to push myself back to earning level again. I miss my old earnings, really, I do! Okies, now I go hop over to my new breadmaker blog and dish out a few posts. I’ve been using bread makers for over a decade and love how versatile this nifty little oven can be. Can knead, can mix, can bake, can stir fry, can even make ice-cream if you have the right attachment!  No, I did not buy that as I find it is a tad too tiny to make much for a family of four, lol! Will link to the blog once I get it up and running properly.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Samsung S Health App

I got to know about this Samsung S Health app after I bought the S7 Edge for the hubs. He is the kind of user that doesnt fiddle much with his phone. Not does he knows what's installed onto it either. Whatever that came with the phone is pretty much useless to him anyways. He only uses apps that deals with forex trading, lol.

Back to the app. I quite like the app's clean interface. Looks simple enough to at least get me to give it a try. So I went and downloaded it to my Honor 5x. So far, I managed to increase my water intake by a few extra cups. Cos you know, once you have set the minimum of 8 cups per day, it kinda nags at me each time I glance at it. And it's good for tracking coffee intake too which by my standard, is low. Max 2 cups per day. Sometimes, none too.

It is convenient to just holler at the kids to refill my cup. This is so not right as I am also supposed to get my getting-fatter-by-the-day ass off the dang chair as much as possible. My house is quite good for walking up and down as there is nothing much blocking my way from the entrance right straight into the kitchen. I can walk up down up down up down with ease.

Now that I have gotten the water part right, it's time I add steps and sleep time to my life. I haven't explored the rest of what the app has to offer. More later...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How my teeth look like without the retainer - Part 1

This was how my teeth looked like on 10th June, still with the retainer on. As you can see, the front right tooth (in pic) has already moved back up into the gums aligned with the rest of its friends. On that very day, i had gum infection which started about two days back. I believe it was the softened gums that hastened the process altogether.

This pic of my teeth with retainer still on was taken on 14th June. Note the non-gaps to the left and right of the front tooth. It has been glued in temporarily to ease the pain caused by the gum swelling.

And this is how my teeth look like without the retainer. Taken same day as the pic above. Just different time. All aligned and like before. I still need to wear the retainer though in case the glue cracks or something like that. I still see it a bit angled inwards. Well, hopefully it will be rectified on my next visit on the 24th of June. Tahan....

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Toothpicks with dental floss

I have stopped eating out altogether. It is either i remove the blardy retainer before i leave the house, or i need to flip it out of my mouth at the restaurant. By then, the tension pain from releasing the retainer will be present. Not to mention food now gets stuck at the back of my last two rear molars. Items like the retainer box and toothpicks with dental floss have somehow become permanent residents of my bag. Though they do not add weight to the bag, they do pose as a constant reminder that like it or not, its contents will be taken out right after a meal, lol.

Hot drinks are out of the picture these days, and ice cold ones have taken over their place at the table. I am not fond of cold drinks no matter how hot the weather is. I am more of a sip-hot-coffee-slowly kinda gal. That said, i am now at the foodcourt with hubby and sipping iced white coffee. Thank god my teeth can take the cold but let's not push my luck too far. I'd better go pack some lunch back as the kids will most prolly be up by the time i reach home. 

Sunday, June 05, 2016

What is it like to wear a retainer?

First, you must be thinking, what the hell is she talking about? What retainer? Isn't that some kind of obscene fee you pay someone in advance, like those blood-sucking attorneys, when you wish to secure or keep their services and then snap your fingers and they run helter-skelter to carry out all your clandestine affaris? Ah hahh!!! No, my dear. The retainer i am talking about here is that fugly something one places in the mouth with a wire across the front of your teeth to keep them in place.

Now, how in the world did i come to have a retainer in my mouth uaskme. Long story short. I had a tooth infection, or was it gum infection? Gahhh... i got no freaking idea but that is not important anymore cos my then-life was so blardy fcked up that i got no time nor mood to even go get it checked. Fast forward say 3 years. Yes, 3 frigging years. The front tooth has gotten too loose for my liking. It has moved down on it own. Not only that, it has also angled outwards and threatened to drop off if no further attention is given, lol. 

What to do.... drove myself to the dentist's to have it checked. I actually went to one some time last year but was taken aback by his suggestion and of cos, the pengsan price tag also la. Was recommended to go get a bridge done. I was like, what the fuck. Why file down two perfect teeth left-right of the affected one just so to bond the fake in place. I cried in my mind for months, the thought nagging at me until the day i went to see another dentist. Die-die also i told him i want something that doesnt require killing off my 2 perfect teeth. 

That smartypants old fler said the simplest way is to extract it and wear a denture. LOLOL!!!! Marderrr.... as if i dont already know that. Abuthen, gimme a break la. It is a front tooth and like it or not, my self-esteem is at stake here. It's like i'd rather die than walk around with a gap in my face at night. Geeee.... i'd say there goes my sex life down the drain should i ever allow that to happen. Okok... no denture. 

Next, he said i can then consider a maryland bridge. And true enough, this is exactly what i had in mind all the time but didnt know it has a name to it. Now, what is a maryland bridge? It is still a denture, but with wings at the back of it which will then be bonded to the back of its two left-right friends. Tadaaa... like a permanent denture, one step short of getting a mini tooth implant. I am all for it. First, i need to wear a retainer to realign my spaced out teeth, close up the gap, and help the loose tooth get back up into the gums. 

And here i am, with a retainer. What is it like to wear a retainer? It feels weird. With a retainer on, you cant close your mouth with the upper and lower teeth touching. The wires on the retainer will be in between all the time. You cant eat with a retainer on also as food in the mouth will get stuck between the wires and also the space between the roof of the mouth and the plastic (is it plastic?) plate. I must remove it for meals and wear it again. Half the time, i end up at the restaurant wearing it and need to remove it there, lol. Extremely inconvenient aitelyu but i have mastered the art of flipping it off unnoticed. 

I avoid drinking hot coffee, hot tea, hot soup. Aisshh... forget about all the hot stuff la. I believe i have lost a few pounds due to  having to remove it for meals. Mar9lanfarn. Anyway, i have gotten used to wearing the retainer. As for speech, it sounds weird to me and all the "s" sound like "shh". There is slight pain from the pressure, especially once removed but that is negligible la. I'd say live with it la cos like it or not, i need to remove it like three times a day. The thing will remain in the mouth during sleep. In other words, wear it 24/7 minus meal time. For how long? He said for months. I'm okay with it cos honestly, i look better with it than without, and i can skip the bj sessions altogether, lolol.....

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Bakzhang oh bakzhang

I am a bakzhang lover. It's orgasmic whenever i sink my teeth into the soft flavorful glutinous rice, filled with the most delicious taste of marinated fatty pork, salted egg, chinese chestnut, black-eyed peas, and lots more other condiments, steamed to perfection. Aaaahhhh.... you are looking at one now. Perfect... simply perfect. Too bad i cant make any. So, no recipes to share with you. It only costs Rm5.50 to buy a decent bakzhang and the price goes up Rm10 each depending on what condiments are used. Mmmm... go buy some, ya. Bakzhang season has arrived...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

School holiday rules for gadget time

Yeah... yeah. This will surely apply should and when they request for tech time. I've already confiscated most the tab, nds, psp is dead anyways, and the Wii power plug. What's left is my second phone which is password-protected. They still have the tv and the dvd though.... and oh, they are now watching it out of deaperation, lol. I gotta remember to lock both my laptips whenever I leave the table. If not.... will definitely be pounced uppn for YouTube time and it is so hard trying to wrestle them back for work. Life is not so fun for kids these days.... alright... blame the gadgets.... hahahha.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Steaming ladies fingers with the bamboo steamer and wokpan

We ran out of gas last month. Couldn't be bothered to call up the grocery store to send a new tank over. Dug the induction cooker out instead. This is my current set up. Placed it on top of a few large egg cartons over the stove, lol. It's good actually. I like the height it gave me since I'm officially blind as a bat and hate wearing my glasses in the kitchen. I can now see my food much clearer as i cook.

Hubs bought a pack of ladies fingers back from the organic section and asked me to steam them for lunch. I cooked turmeric rice with virgin coconut oil and cardamom earlier in the morning. Set the bamboo steamer oh the Tefal wokpan and once the water is boiling, set it to steam on high for 5 min. Once done, fried us four eggs. There's also minced pork with potatoes and onions. Simple lunch for the four of us.

Notes: hubs said to try steaming the ladies fingers for 7 mins. He didn't write like the crunchiness at 5 mins, lol. Oh, wateva...

Friday, April 08, 2016

Dry ice experiment

Bought my kids ice-cream after school today. It's the weekend and I wasn't feeling well. Caught a bad chill last night that left me shivering under the sheets with the slightest movement despite sweating like a pig! Anyways, I informed the seller that the kid won't be eating it on the car. He placed some dry ice into the plastic bag and handed it to my kid.

Back home, they had the ice-cream after their shower. The small one went to take the dry ice he left in the freezer into the basin at the kitchen sink. Both were fascinated with the bubbles and cold mist that formed on the surface of the water. I told them it's to make magic potion, lol. What a big fat fib. Ya, the chill must have gotten to my head! Fun experiment for them both.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Manhattan Water Theme Park Condominium

Took the kid to check out one of Ipoh's new developments. Called the Manhattan Water Theme Park Condominium. Of cos, being a 9 year old kid, he loves the water feature, slides, playground set and all. Who doesnt, eh. If i remember correctly, prices start from Rm350/sf or something lidat. Me, i am not interested in it for a first property. Moreover, property prices are far too high and banks arent really that enthusiastic to lend. Prefer a landed property for the time being. Well, more to go.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday has come!!

It is another one of those mornings, that i sit down for breakfast with the hubs. The weather is nice and cool, for once. As Chinese New Year approaches, the weather becomes unbearably hot and humid. We do not have air conditioners installed at our place. The best way for us to cool down is to head to the mall, which is just right behind the house. That is one of the reasons we chose to stay here. Saves a lot off our petrol bill too, lol.

Both hubby and i are frequent shoppers. I believe in the few short months that we have been staying here, we have bought enough clothes to last us till end of this year!! Not that i have many places to go to that requires many clothes to suit the occasions also la. Most of my time is spent driving the kids to and from school. I buy mostly long sleeved tees and sweaters to pair with my skinny jeans and mini denim skirts. This is one of the great thing when one chooses to work from home, away from the all the traffic jams and 9 - 5 madness.

The forex market is behaving quite well in our favor of late. That is a good start for the year, at least for us. We have no idea how it is doing for the rest of our trading friends though. No one has started to whine yet. So, i guess things are still going well for them. It's already Friday. Will prolly rot at home over the weekend starting 3pm once we are home after picking the kids up from school, hahahaha. It is still the best place to be. Away from all the stresses of the world.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to get rid of tummy fat fast?

Yeah... you're looking at my tummy fat; that thick mass circling my waistline. How simply bleehhkk. This happens whenever i eat a lot of carb like rice and bread, lol. Well, i have been eating quite a bit since i bought the Philips pressure cooker and the Skg3930 breadmaker.

Hubs asked me how to get rid of tummy fat fast the other day. It's actually damn easy. Stop eating unnecessarily! Oh yes....  eat when hungry only! Skip as much carb as possible, and eat more skinny food, hahah. In this pic, i weighed about 48kg. Now, that is heavy for my petite frame.

I gave myself 2 weeks to rid 2kg off my body. I drank oolong tea with herbs to cleanse the system of built-up gunk. I had my bullet coffee each day. I ate greek yogurt with lots of seeds and nuts. Add 2 soft-boiled eggs to my daily food intake. Some meat, and tried to stay off carb, lol!

Well, it worked. I went down one size when i went to try on jeans at Guess last weekend. Dont even need to jump into the smaller size 25 and can pull it off in a jiffy, hhahha. Happydieme!! Have to keep at this and cook less. Geeee.... one can really get fat cooking for the family.

So, there you have the answer to how to get rid of tummy fat fast. No shortcut. Workout a bit and mind the food intake. That's about it. Pure rocket science delivered in a single post. Tata!