Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No celebrity sexy teeth, sexy lips and sexy smile for Sarah Jessica Parker for a year

Any Sarah Jessica Parker fans reading this? Nehhhh.... the sexy celebrity in "Sex and The City". So sorry to disappoint you if you happen to idolize SJP. She's just been named Maxim's Unsexiest Woman of 2007. Can you imagine being stuck with such a title for a freaking year? Both her hubby and SJP is really pissed at Maxim, but what to do. Even though you think SJP has celebrity sexy teeth, sexy smile and sexy lips, people over at Maxim's doesnt agree with you.

Abuthen, hubby did say she has that tranny look about her, horse-faced and all. Coming from a man, he says that she needs those celebrity sexy teeth and celebrity sexy lips plumper more than i do. So, what does that mean? He's not going to buy me my celebrity sexy teeth and celebrity sexy lip plumper? I hope not, lol. Oh, he can always pay for my trip to the celebrity dentist for a teeth whitening treatment, right. But even without these items, i still have a set of sexy white teeth, sexy lips and a celebrity sexy smile.

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