Thursday, May 05, 2016

Bakzhang oh bakzhang

I am a bakzhang lover. It's orgasmic whenever i sink my teeth into the soft flavorful glutinous rice, filled with the most delicious of marinated fatty pork, salted egg, chinese chestnut, black-eyed peas, and lots more other condiments, steamed to perfection. Aaaahhhh.... you are looking at one now. Perfect... simply perfect. Too bad i cant make any. So, no recipes to share with you. It only costs Rm5.50 to buy a decent bakzhang and the price goes up Rm10 each depending on what condiments are used. Mmmm... go buy some, ya. Bakzhang season has arrived...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

School holiday rules for gadget time

Yeah... yeah. This will surely apply should and when they request for tech time. I've already confiscated most the tab, nds, psp is dead anyways, and the Wii power plug. What's left is my second phone which is password-protected. They still have the tv and the dvd though.... and oh, they are now watching it out of deaperation, lol. I gotta remember to lock both my laptips whenever I leave the table. If not.... will definitely be pounced uppn for YouTube time and it is so hard trying to wrestle them back for work. Life is not so fun for kids these days.... alright... blame the gadgets.... hahahha.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Steaming ladies fingers with the bamboo steamer and wokpan

We ran out of gas last month. Couldn't be bothered to call up the grocery store to send a new tank over. Dug the induction cooker out instead. This is my current set up. Placed it on top of a few large egg cartons over the stove, lol. It's good actually. I like the height it gave me since I'm officially blind as a bat and hate wearing my glasses in the kitchen. I can now see my food much clearer as i cook.

Hubs bought a pack of ladies fingers back from the organic section and asked me to steam them for lunch. I cooked turmeric rice with virgin coconut oil and cardamom earlier in the morning. Set the bamboo steamer oh the Tefal wokpan and once the water is boiling, set it to steam on high for 5 min. Once done, fried us four eggs. There's also minced pork with potatoes and onions. Simple lunch for the four of us.

Notes: hubs said to try steaming the ladies fingers for 7 mins. He didn't write like the crunchiness at 5 mins, lol. Oh, wateva...

Friday, April 08, 2016

Dry ice experiment

Bought my kids ice-cream after school today. It's the weekend and I wasn't feeling well. Caught a bad chill last night that left me shivering under the sheets with the slightest movement despite sweating like a pig! Anyways, I informed the seller that the kid won't be eating it on the car. He placed some dry ice into the plastic bag and handed it to my kid.

Back home, they had the ice-cream after their shower. The small one went to take the dry ice he left in the freezer into the basin at the kitchen sink. Both were fascinated with the bubbles and cold must that formed above the surface of the water. I told them it's to make magic potion, lol. What a big fat fib. Ya, the chill must have gotten to my head! Fun experiment for them both.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Manhattan Water Theme Park Condominium

Took the kid to check out one of Ipoh's new developments. Called the Manhattan Water Theme Park Condominium. Of cos, being a 9 year old kid, he loves the water feature, slides, playground set and all. Who doesnt, eh. If i remember correctly, prices start from Rm350/sf or something lidat. Me, i am not interested in it for a first property. Moreover, property prices are far too high and banks arent really that enthusiastic to lend. Prefer a landed property for the time being. Well, more to go.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday has come!!

It is another one of those mornings, that i sit down for breakfast with the hubs. The weather is nice and cool, for once. As Chinese New Year approaches, the weather becomes unbearably hot and humid. We do not have air conditioners installed at our place. The best way for us to cool down is to head to the mall, which is just right behind the house. That is one of the reasons we chose to stay here. Saves a lot off our petrol bill too, lol.

Both hubby and i are frequent shoppers. I believe in the few short months that we have been staying here, we have bought enough clothes to last us till end of this year!! Not that i have many places to go to that requires many clothes to suit the occasions also la. Most of my time is spent driving the kids to and from school. I buy mostly long sleeved tees and sweaters to pair with my skinny jeans and mini denim skirts. This is one of the great thing when one chooses to work from home, away from the all the traffic jams and 9 - 5 madness.

The forex market is behaving quite well in our favor of late. That is a good start for the year, at least for us. We have no idea how it is doing for the rest of our trading friends though. No one has started to whine yet. So, i guess things are still going well for them. It's already Friday. Will prolly rot at home over the weekend starting 3pm once we are home after picking the kids up from school, hahahaha. It is still the best place to be. Away from all the stresses of the world.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to get rid of tummy fat fast?

Yeah... you're looking at my tummy fat; that thick mass circling my waistline. How simply bleehhkk. This happens whenever i eat a lot of carb like rice and bread, lol. Well, i have been eating quite a bit since i bought the Philips pressure cooker and the Skg3930 breadmaker.

Hubs asked me how to get rid of tummy fat fast the other day. It's actually damn easy. Stop eating unnecessarily! Oh yes....  eat when hungry only! Skip as much carb as possible, and eat more skinny food, hahah. In this pic, i weighed about 48kg. Now, that is heavy for my petite frame.

I gave myself 2 weeks to rid 2kg off my body. I drank oolong tea with herbs to cleanse the system of built-up gunk. I had my bullet coffee each day. I ate greek yogurt with lots of seeds and nuts. Add 2 soft-boiled eggs to my daily food intake. Some meat, and tried to stay off carb, lol!

Well, it worked. I went down one size when i went to try on jeans at Guess last weekend. Dont even need to jump into the smaller size 25 and can pull it off in a jiffy, hhahha. Happydieme!! Have to keep at this and cook less. Geeee.... one can really get fat cooking for the family.

So, there you have the answer to how to get rid of tummy fat fast. No shortcut. Workout a bit and mind the food intake. That's about it. Pure rocket science delivered in a single post. Tata!

Saturday, January 09, 2016

How To Cook Rice With A Breadmaker

I've been cooking rice with the Philips pressure cooker ever since my rice cooker died some time back. Thing is, the pressure cooker has other kinds of food cooking in it half the time. It's either i cook rice with it first, take the inner pot out once the rice is done , and cook say, a stew next. Or, it's gotta be the other way round.

Of cos, i do have other pots to do the job, abuthen, i have to wait at the kitchen till it's done as i gotta use the gas stove to cook with. That leaves me with the breadmaker! I know it can handle the job, but i've never gotten round to trying out before; until recently. Moreover, it's the perfect kitchen toy to cook small portions of rice like say 1cup!

I bought a new breadmaker recently, it's the SKG3930. A brand from China, nothing fancy, apart from baking various types of breads, it has 23 functions in all including stir-frying, makes ice-cream with an additional purchase of the mixing bowl, makes yogurt, rice wine, claypot rice, kimchi, yadda yadda yadda....

Coming back to rice, lol. Okokok, i used the cup that came with the Philips pressure cooker. 1 cup has a reading of 160 which weighs about 160g with my cheap kitchen scale. I used about 1.5cup of water and that translates to say about 240ml. Set it to #15 bake function for 30mins using a diy aluminium foil as a cover for the bread bin. Turn the breadmaker off once it beeps, and let it stand for another 10mins, and rice is done. Nice and fluffy.

I guess this would be a guideline for those who wish to know how to cook rice with a breadmaker. You've gotta tweak it a little for your own breadmaker cos god knows what machine you have. I've done it, you can do it too. Start with white rice. I've yet to obtain favorable results with mixed grains. Till then. Have fun cooking rice with your breadmaker.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Braised Peanuts with the Philips Pressure Cooker (Recipe)

Hubs loves braised peanuts a lot a lot a lot. That's the first thing he orders whenever we have lunch at his favorite coffeeshop. I've never gotten round to cooking that for him as it takes ages to soften to the level that he likes. Well, unless i use the crockpot. Gaaaahhh... too long.... too much energy used... also far too much brain juice involved in having to remember that i am actually cooking something and need to check on it. 

And then, one fine day, i saw a friend posting a pic of braised peanuts on her facebook which she cooked using the Philips pressure cooker too. Happy not? Of cos yours truly have to try cooking it and rushed off to the supermarket to buy the biggest and fattest peanuts back. Oh well, not as big and fat as the ones we usually eat but that is not important la, ok. 

Armed with the necessary ingredients for braised peanuts, i placed everything into my Philips Pressure Cooker and pressed a few buttons, and 1hr later..... tadaaaaaaa....

I cooked us a nice pot of soft and yummy braised peanuts. Easy peasy no mess no long waiting no remember to turn cooker off at all, lol!!! 


300g cooking peanuts (buy the biggest ones) 
10 cloves garlic (whack them with a cleaver and remove the skin) 
1 tbsp oyster sauce 
2 tbsp soysauce 
1 tbsp brown sugar 
2 cups water 
1 tsp five spice powder 
1 or 2 star anise (i added in more for decoration, lol) 

Philips Pressure Cooker setting: 

Beans/tendon mode: 59mins kpt 

This setting would suffice depending on the peanuts used. If you feel that the peanuts texture is not soft enough, an extra beans mode round with the default settings should do the trick. If you pre-soak the peanuts the night before, then one round of beans mode should be ok. Go by feel la, ok. Hope you enjoy this Philips Pressure Cooker Braised Peanuts recipe

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The school hols are coming to an end...

Omg.... schoolbags not washed, books not wrapped, school shoes not yet buy... and lots more not yet done. I'm dead! Please declare me dead now....

Thursday, December 17, 2015

How To Steam Pork Ribs With Philips Pressure Cooker

What you see here is actually leftover marinated pork ribs which were kept in the fridge for over a week. There were only 9 pieces left, so decided to steam them as i cook rice with the Philips Pressure Cooker. Sat them in a bowl over a stainless steel rack placed inside the cooker. Used the default Rice Mode. 14mins kpt. They turned out well. Happy now that you know how to steam pork ribs with Philips Pressure Cooker, eh. Ok, many would now want to know where i bought the stainless steel rack from, lol. Ok, got it from Mr. DIY, Tesco, Station 18. Forgot the price though. Aiya.... how much can items from Mr. DIY cost la. A few bucks nia.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bought the Philips Pressure Cooker.... like finally

My rice cooker died on me recently. Errr.... no. I shouldnt have said that. I actually murdered it. But oh... it was a mistake!!!! Ya, i know... how the heck did i manage to murder a perfectly functioning rice cooker, right. Oh well, Miss Clever was following a recipe and somehow, it uses the rice cooker to cook bread with. And it needed a cooking duration of 40 minutes. As there wasnt much ingredients placed in it, the damn switch popped up in less than 10 minutes. I had to keep pressing it down over and over again until clever me decided to tape it down. That's it. The damn thing fused. That's how i murdered it, LOL!!!!

Next. Like it or not, i had to buy another cos we eat rice almost daily. After some deep soul-searching, friendly recommendations by by die-hard facebook fans, yours truly decided to pick up the Philips Pressure Cooker. I was told how it actually cuts cooking time thus leaving me more time to play my Diner Dash Cooking Game, Online Casino Malaysia Game, Criminal Case Online Game, ugetwatimean? Sounds divine, eh.... wow..... extra time, man. No joke.

The very first dish i cooked with the Philips Pressure Cooker was Red Bean Soup. I even added Black Glutinous Rice to it for added errr... nutritional value. With guidance from my bff, i set it to Soup Mode with kpt increased to 40mins. Default is 20mins for Soup Mode. It turned out ok. Nothing great. Needs a longer time in order to achieve the desired texture that i'm so used to getting when cooked over the stove. Will adjust that on my next attempt.

Second dish. RICE!!!! Yes, that's what i bought it for. Since really clueless as to how much water to use, i went back to using the surewin palm-on-rice method that has worked for every single rice cooker that i have ever owned. Selected the default Rice Mode with kpt of 14mins, and waited. Damn, the Philips Pressure Cooker takes almost 8 minutes to just heat up and start boiling with pressure on. In total, it took around 22mins to complete the rice-cooking process. I failed at cooking rice during the first round. Too much water used. Turned into mush, LOLOL. Compared to the conventional rice cooker, that saved me wow.... 8 minutes at least. How awesome is that, hahahahah. Anyway, i have since managed to cook perfectly fluffy rice with the Philips Pressure Cooker. Just need to correspond how many cups of rice to the water level indicator on the inside of the pot using the cup that came with it. Pure rocket science aitelyu!!!

More. Pork Chop Stew. Yeah, nothing fancy. Instead of grilling the pork chop slices using Bake function, i went and pan-fried them instead. Fail fail fail, Samm.... *must remember to try to fully utilize it for everything first*. Next step, placed all the cooked pork chops into the pot, added all the cut up vegetables and used bake fish mode with a cooking duration of 15 minutes without the cover. Added corn starch towards the end of cooking time and voila, got me a delicious bowl of pork chop stew. Still grumbling over the failed fact that i had an extra pan to wash!!!

Today, i tried boiling soup with it. Give and take the say 10 minutes of heating up time, default Soup Mode of 20mins kpt, and a further 10 minutes or so waiting for the silver dunnowatchucallit thingy to drop before i can open up the cover, the entire time taken to get a somewhat decent pot of soup for the hungry-die kids took a grand 40 minutes. Hey, that's how long i use to boil soup on the stove or the induction cooker. Comparing all three, the default Soup Mode doesnt boil soups with ommph la, ok. Was advised to use the max kpt of 59mins instead. Ohmyfrakkinggoodness!!! That will bring the total time needed to get a oooomphful pot of soup to what? 79mins!!!! Oh well. Guess i will need to cook rice with the claypot next time since i insist on having the rice covered when placed at the table, and use the Philips Pressure Cooker for other forms of cooking experiments. Damn, didnt i say i bought the Philips Pressure Cooker to replace my rice cooker? So, now what..... wtf!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Water Kefir Grains

See see see.... maximum wow factor, right. They multiplied like crazy after a round of fresh coconut juice! So much that I can't finish eating them. This is so omg!! Tell me what else i can do with them. I am totally lost here, lol!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baccarat... played before?

Baccarat card counting system is the first thing that i want to learn if i want to win. FOR SURE!!! It may not be immediate, it may even take some time. I am sure if i were to work at the baccarat card counting system taught to me by my sifu, i will at least make back my initial deposit. This is not much la to begin with, lol. Only a couple of hundred bucks, ok. Do not be alarmed. I will never put my entire life savings into some online casino Malaysia site no matter what. I am just your regular scaredy cat. All my hard-earned cash will never go to waste unless i win.

I've tried out the steps mentioned in this baccarat card counting system and found that it does work. For one, i got my initial deposit back, and won 300 bucks woohoo. Ok, i know many would not approve of what i may be doing here. But in reality, it's my life. I rule, ok. Don't friggin' judge. Not that you are paying my bills or wat!!! Let me share a little with you. Way back say 18 months ago, i met with a friend who said he will teach me the best surewin baccarat card counting system in the world, that allows me to win as much as i want to. Bluff!!!! Pure bluff, aitelyu....

I followed this baccarat card counting system  and have since tested it out many times over, and i WON!!!! I WON!!!! I won at this online casino malaysia site too! Good news or what!!!