Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Great Deals On Daily Essentials - Free Delivery For Online Orders!!

With the current depreciation of the ringgit, everyone is out looking for the best deal in town especially when it comes to shopping for daily essential items. Things like diapers, milk powders, wet wipes and baby cereals are constantly running out. Myself, being a full time blogger with a network of blogs to run, have never had the time to drive to the mall each time something runs out.

Friends of mine would say to just ask the hubby to help out with the shopping. Of course, that can be done. Knowing men, they will just grab the first item they see off the shelf without looking at the price tags. Half the time, it is either we end up with the wrong brand, or items with a higher price. If only we had the convenience of shopping for daily essentials with the best prices back then. Life would have been much more easy for me. Not to mention i get to save more this way too.

Now, coming back to online shopping. There is everything to be liked about online shopping, especially when it offers free delivery service. And best of all, COD - Cash On Delivery. I have one here that offers such convenience and with the best price to match too. Take a good look at Ensogo, who just launched their latest campaign yesterday offering fast-moving consumer goods. Ensogo has their new Ensogo Mobile app or you can also shop at the official Ensogo website, convenient eh.

What i like about Ensogo is that my order gets processed and delivered within 24 hours from the time my order is placed. All that i need to do is be home to sign for the parcel. Or, if i choose to, inspect my goods first before paying with cash for it.

Do check out the Press Release by Ensogo on the launch of their daily essential products.
You need it, we have it 
Ensogo unveils Daily essential products at best price. 
KUALA LUMPUR, 11 August 2015 – As a leading e-commerce business, Ensogo now has broadened its range of products with a wide offering of household essentials and needs for everyday life. Parents can now own the cheapest diapers in Malaysia by simply purchasing through Ensogo website or their Mobile App. Managing Director of Ensogo Malaysia, Jan Hansen promises, “We will be continuously enhancing our assortment based on emerging wants and needs of our customers”. 
Everyday essentials like breakfast drinks, instant noodles, household cleaners and sundries are some that we offer to our customers, at best price.” Jan added. After successfully launching the new Android app in July, the Ensogo team keeps on track by finding new ways to simplify online purchases for consumers. With the findings, apart from paying online, Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment is now available for consumers to ensure hassle-free payment at the doorstep without any risk. 
This COD promotion is now available for all daily essentials on Ensogo, without having to juggle with cards or online banking services. Easy as it is, “the relation to our customers is built on trust, ours in our loyal customers as well as theirs in our products and services”, explains Jan Hansen. From payment to shipping, the process is eased and accelerated. To meet the current demand of busy mothers, young professionals or spontaneous shoppers, additionally 1-day-delivery was implemented for all daily essential products.
Do remember to key in the promo code FREESHIPPING during checkout to enjoy free delivery of daily essentials from Ensogo. And the good news is, there is no minimum purchase to enjoy the free shipping at all!!!

Have a great time shopping at Ensogo :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kai Darn Thong Sui (Egg Dessert)

Everyone in my household love this Kai Darn Thong Sui. In fact, they love all kinds of thong sui which i never fail to make at least once each week. This is the first time i bought ingredients for Kai Darn Thong Sui from the chinese medical hall. The shop has already pre-packed the main ingredients and all that's needed is to add rock sugar, extra packet of snow fungus and eggs. Sounds easy, right. It's as simple as boiling the packet of chinese herbs, snow fungus in 4ltr of water, add hard-boiled eggs and simmer for 45mins, add rock sugar and simmer for a further 15mins till everything is well cooked, herbs and snow fungus softened, and the eggs adding further nutritional value and flavor to it. Enjoy it warm, or cold.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lanartus Forro Yarn

Dug these balls of Lanartus Forro from my stash the other day. I had these in red too. Those had since been knitted into a cape for a little girl many years ago. If not for the colorful little bobbles spun along the strand, this mustard color would look simply awful on me, lol. There are only 5 balls here. Other than a tank top, i have no idea what else to make with it. What say you?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Irish Crochet Sleeveless Top

Gorgeous, ain't it? This was supposed to be for my wedding dinner party. Had always envisioned myself wearing something that's handmade by yours truly, something as exquisite as this, to party in on that day. Too bad, no wedding party was held; long story. It had been told here before, so, i am not going to repeat the whole old grandmother story. I am already more than a decade into the marriage with the man, whom i had two kids with.

Back to the Irish crochet top. How many of you here has one, ok, two, or more? I have not tried Irish crochet before. No problem with the floral and leafy motifs. Only a bit list as to how join them all together without the whole thing going out of shape, lol. I've watched tonnes of YouTube videos on how to join Irish crochet motifs but yet to try. In fact, my Clover lace hooks were untouched since the day I bought them, lol. Okok... one day, I'll go grab a ball of crochet yarn and have a go at making something small first.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Louisa Harding Firefly

Oh, that is the title of the knitting book i brought along with me for breakfast last Sunday. A very good friend helped me bring it back from USA. The pink piece on the book is also a project from another one if Louisa's books. I've already completed that and will be blocking it soon after I've added all the final details to it. Can't wait to see it, right. In a few days, ya. Be patient.....

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Eating Raw Winged Beans

My hubs loves winged beans. You know that greenish taste... I used to hate it as a child. Got better as I grew up and eventually love eating it stir-fried with dried prawns, garlic and onions. It is great with a squeeze of lime too.

Just now, hubs took some out and after rinsing them with a vege wash, we had it raw with wasabi mayo. Omg... i tell you, every bit of stuffy nose that I had disappeared immediately with the first bite. The pungent wasabi did its job well and i'm quite full after about four winged beans, hahaha. So much for tea time snacking!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Rm4 Nasi Lemak

Despite the rapid rising cost of living throughout the country, it's indeed a blessing that hubby and I choose to live on a corner of the world that doesn't take much to raise our two little boys. A simple plate of delicious nasi lemak only cost rm2.50. Sometimes, we add a topping for an additional rm1.50, in this case, sambal petai ayam. The serving is generous enough to be shared between both of us. Drinks are not necessary but they do complement the dish well. A cup of hot milk tea or coffee is rm1.60 each. That brings our usual breakfast cost to less than rm10 for two. What more can we ask for?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Mother’s Day Wish List from Rakuten Mother’s Day Sale

Malaysia will celebrate Mother’s day on May 10 this year. This amazing festival celebrates motherhood and bonds with mothers in the society. Rakuten Malaysia is celebrating mother’s day from 27th April to 9th May 2015 and is giving huge discount on various products at their website. Here is my wish list for this mother’s day.

JEOEL Memento earrings: These earrings from Jeoel are so pretty and amazing. These earrings are of sterling silver with 18k rose gold plating. The design is classic and looks sophisticated. Currently priced at RM275 with 8% discount.

Michael Kors MK6110 Bracelet Watch: This bracelet watch is so beautiful and elegant; I just can’t resist thinking about it. It’s been designed in US and has a Rose gold-tone. It is water resistant and carries a 2 years Michael Kors warranty. It’s priced at RM1104 with a 15% discount at Rakuten Malaysia right now.

Alfio Raldo Hand Bag: This cute bag by ALFIO RALDO is priced at RM239 which is very economical. It has 3 compartments and is a nice handbag for regular use.

SK II Facial Treatment: For all those beautiful ladies who like to take good care of their skin, this is a great product. It contains more than 90% Pitera which makes skin healthy and radiant and balances skin pH level. It has a price tag of RM364 but you can buy small pack at lesser rate.

Lanvin Fashion White Dress: This gorgeous white dress by Lanvin looks amazing and at RM139 is really a great bargain. Right now it is not available due to some reason but I hope it will be available soon to buy.

Well, this is my wish list for this mother’s day. Is there something you wish to buy or receive as gift, you can comment below at this post.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hooking hooking hooking

Yeah, that's what i do. Hooking everyday, not a day goes by that I do have a hook in my hand. As an amigurumist, i have to keep working at my nuigurumi orders. Besides that, there are also knitting to be done, lol. Just love my work so much that it doesnt seem like work at all. Well, this is a crocheted cover for a friend's daughter. She chose the design from my page at and requested for a change of color scheme to suit a grouchy teen, lol. Oh well.... hope she likes what I have made for her!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reddy's facial reconstruction

Finally, finally, finally. Fixed Reddy's face for Malcolm. He did not complain about how awful she looks, lol. He's more than happy not seeing the bits of yarn sticking out from the gaping hole. He will take good care of her now!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Regrowing Tomatoes

We buy lots of tomatoes each week. Hubby, Malcolm and I eat our veggies raw mostly, with the exception of Gordon, who prefers some of them cooked. 80% of the tomatoes are eaten as salad, in sandwiches, with the 20% going into soups and the rice cooker.

Starting February, i've been having fun regrowing veggies from scraps at our new place. Have always wanted to grow veggies but never had a chance to previously as I lived with #paininthearse in-laws. All that is now past tense as far as we are concerned, lol.

Hubby bought large tomatoes last weekend. I personally prefer to grow cherry tomatoes. Well, they are so many pots lying around to grow a mini vegetable farm enough for our own consumption. Just need time and patience to learn how to grow them one by one. Pray i get at least one tomato plant from this batch of seeds!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Natural Night Light

I've never liked sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The cold continuously recycled air is so dry it leaves my skin taut and painful by morning. Moreover, the dark room gives me the creeps, lol. I do have a solar bedside lamp but half the time, i forget to charge it during the day. Love the natural night light streaming in from the balcony for free. 

Just now, spent over an hour with hubby twisting wires to tie a mozzie netting to the bedroom metal grille that opens to the balcony. Too many mozzies in this area and we sure don't want to risk getting dengue fever. It is a hot and humid night with stagnant air, with no sign of leaves moving at all, though it rained earlier!

Am so glad we did that. With the wooden door opened, the room is no longer stuffy with just the fans turned on. It may not be a windy night, but i can sure feel a lower room temperature. I'm so waiting for a windy or rainy night to really feel the difference. Oh, please rain more....

Happy that with just Rm12.60, we can now save a lot off our electric bill by not having to turn on the air-conditioner at night. The savings can be put to good use for other household expenses. Yes, for baking with my 50l oven!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cauliflower In Coconut Milk Recipe

It's our 14th wedding anniversary today, also our 21st year of being stuck with each other. Hubby, the most romantic guy on earth, bought me a huge cauliflower to commemorate this special day. And so, this is what i cooked with it to celebrate the memorable occasion, lol!

Cauliflower In Coconut Milk Recepi

1 cauliflower, 250ml thick coconut milk, 250 water, 1tsp himalayan salt, 1 tbsp mustard seeds.

Cut up the cauliflower. Place all into a pot. Dilute the thick coconut milk with water and pour into pot. Add the salt and the mustard seeds. Bring to boil and simmer till cauliflower becomes soft, stirring occasionally.

Verdict: Simple, yet super delish!

I leave it up to your imagination to add whatever you like to it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Melaleuca Pain-A-Trate

Isn't it wonderful that i now need to massage both my hands with a pain-relieving cream from fingertips right up to my elbows before i can start working on my amigurumi creations. I may have overworked them recently. Or it could have been caused by a strained nerve from lifting the heavy house gate that jumped its track the other day. Whatever it is, the warmth from the cream soothes my hands, allowing me to at least work a bit. Can't crochet at my usual speed. Hooking at snail's pace now. Haiz... like a grandma liddat....