Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Indofood Hongkong Roasted Duck Flavor Fried Noodles

Damn, i'm turning into an instant noodle junkie. I bought this Indofood Hongkong Roasted Duck Flavor Fried Noodles yesterday. Looks good, hoh. And it's a huge packet of instant noodle that costs Rm1.50 each. Expensive tou sei. Comes in four flavors but this is what i cooked for lunch. I'm famished.

A packet of this weight 120gm compared to those Maggi Mee packets of 80gms each. Yields a huge bowl enough for two. I separated it into two bowls and gave one to hubby. It comes with seasoning, chilli powder, seasoned oil, some dunno wat black sauce and also a packet of dried spring onions with some bits and pieces of beige colored chewy stuffs.

And this is how it turns out. See the beige pieces of dunno wat. The taste? No duck taste, somewhat sweet gravy, not salty enough though i cooked it with not much water. I doubt if it'll taste good even if i eat it dry. In all, I WONT BUY THIS EVER. Three more Indofood instant noodles in different flavors to go.

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