Friday, June 13, 2008

Dad at the hospital

There are just so many things that i want to blog about but i dont know where to start. My mind's all muddled up. I'll just type what comes to mind. It's all scattered. First of all, my sis called yesterday morning to inform me that my dad fell again. He's nearly 80 years old. It's not the first time he fell and hurt himself. There was a time he even cracked his skull back in year 2006. In between, he fell a few more times as his legs are really weak. So weak that even a step takes effort.

I called mom up after i sent the kids to school yesterday to inquire about his well being and was told he's fine and resting after seeing the doctor. Just that he's a bit restless as he feels bored sitting and cant do anything at all. He loves to help around the house. He cannot take it that he needs to sit down quietly and not move lest he falls again, you know what i mean. Let's just say he cannot accept the fact that he's old and should not be moving around. He's also a bit whiny like a kid at times.

This morning, mom called again to let me know dad fell AGAIN. And this time, he needed hubby's help to send him to the doctor's as my brother cannot even carry him into the car. Dead weight, you know. The timing was just awful as i just had a row with hubby shortly after i woke up and just before she called. Oh, that'll be part two. I calmed down and asked him if he'll help and he agreed. I really appreciate that. I sent both kids to school and just as i left Gordon's kindy, he called to let me know that they're at the hospital awaiting x-ray results as the doctor he might have fractured his leg. That explains the multiple falls.

Aitelyu, my dad is such a shy person that he wont even tell you he's in pain. He will only speak to my mom. Just take yesterday when i called up my mom. She told me that my sis and family was over for a visit for the whole afternoon and after they left, dad told mom he wanted to go to the doctor. Yes, AFTER. He could have express his wish to go see a doctor when they were around as they can help send him there then. But no. It's nearly 5pm and there's no one home. So how. No choice but to wait till my brother and SIL comes home from work to see how best to manage the situation.

I just called hubby up and he's helping dad up the hospital bed. I didnt get the chance to ask him about the x-ray result. But i'm glad dad's admitted to the ward. I feel he's better there and can rest. I just hope he can be a good boy and wont attempt to get down the bed by himself. I wonder of mom's gonna accompany him there at the ward or not. Most probably will knowing how shy my dad is. I'm glad it's the weekend. If everything's okay, i dont mind accompanying both my mom and dad at the hospital if hubby's willing to look after the kids. See how.

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2crazydogs said...

Hope the x-ray results are favorable. My dad too is like your dad, after kidney surgery, he wanted to drive and cook the same day he gets out the hosp. My thoughts are with you, girl.