Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tired and happy

I've been very busy since the beginning of this week. Well, for one, the new school term just started and i have to help Gordon with his school homework again. Dont have much time left to even do my own things or blog. Another thing is Malcolm has started on bottle-feeding. I just hope in time to come, he will like to drink his milk from the bottle. He will even hold the bottle by himself. I'm only giving him 120ml for the time being and hope to increase it slowly.

I went to Tesco to try to get the DVD refunded but as i'm past the 7-day refund period, i cant get my money back. I wont ever buy anymore DVD players from Tesco as their quality really sucks big time. It's no wonder they price it so low. I exchanged the stupid DVD player for lots of disposable nappies for Malcolm instead, lol. I swear, i wont ever buy anymore electrical items by the brand i bought earlier. It's really lousy, like the saying goes, "Cheap things dont come good, good things dont come cheap", PERIOD.

I went to SenQ to get a branded one this time. It can now play all the DVDs again. Unlike the previous brand, it started giving problem the moment i reached home. Waste my time and money driving all the way to Tesco just so to get it exchanged for something else. I feel branding is the most important thing for a company. Without one in pace, it's difficult to thrive in such a competitive environment. That's why i feel more confidence whenever i buy a branded item. I can be sure of its quality.

If you are just and brand conscious like me and you run a service or own a product, perhaps it's time you look into branding it properly. With the help of the right Branding Agency, i'm sure your business will be ahead of your competitors. The link i left here in this post will be of help to those who's looking into rebranding their product or services. Get in touch with them and see how they can help your business. Dont be left behind. Make the move today.

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worldwindows said...

I just wonder whether to trust the hypermarts to be my first line of defense in quality perishables. No pesticides and chemicals by choosing responsible and ethical vendors. I am not too sure now. I think their policy is to be efficient in processing exchange/refunds within 7 days. They are good in this area. I experience it in TESCO,Bangkok when I do not like the scanner I bought. No questions asked. So the trick is return within 7 days