Saturday, June 14, 2008

The angst of living with in-laws

In my previous post, i did mention that i have lots of things to blog about, right. Well, here's another pent up rant. It's about living with in-laws. I've been staying here for the past seven years or so. And till now, i dont feel a sense of belonging at all. How can there be when i dont even have a voice here, you know what i mean. It's the right to voice out things i dont feel right about. Moving out is the easiest option, but sadly, the time just isnt right yet. If things go according to plan, my dream will become a reality by next year.

In-laws can be the most horrendous people on earth. That's IF you happen to be living with them. Those of you who dont, sorry to say you have no say in this. They are the most pretentious people of all. They say one thing, and do another, and expect differently. To say i dont get along well with them, it's not exactly that. Just that life sucks when i have to remind myself each time before i can open my mouth. It's kinda like i'm threading the fine line between sanity and depression. Of course, over the years, there have been lots of ups and downs. I've learned to deal with them my way. Yes, mine, certainly not theirs.

All i need is time and patience. Time is my best friend and always will be. Time will heal. Having lots of patience makes each day a bearable one. Friends have suggested i try values counseling to help with the situation. Told me they will be able to help. I dont think i need counseling to help me get through the day for the time being. But for those who finds it hard to deal with their in-laws, perhaps you may want to give counseling a try. Who knows, it may work for you. Me, i'll just lie low and wait till the time is right to move out.


Patsy said...

Patient is the best solution.Spend more time upgrade yourself and the children is a good thing.

reanaclaire said...

as for me, i talk less...and i seem to be renting upstairs in my own house.. if u know what i mean...