Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipse, Chap Goh Mei and super link fest

I'm feeling much better today and so's Malcolm. He's less clingy, and oh... that's because i leave him with hubby most of the day as i gotta rest. Not that he has much choice mah, haimai. I went to my hideout at the guest room and blog from there. Not that i blogged much these two days.... sigh.

I didnt screw the SERPs with more posts on the Malaysia election day fever or variants like 2008 Malaysia 12th General election day and Malaysia election date, lol. And i guess half the world would have come to my blogs searching for Edison Chen sex scandal, Vincy Yeung, Bobo Chan, Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung divorce and naked pics. But i still havent seen the Maggi Q sex tape also.

I dont really care if that Marilyn Jo Jenkins is hot or not also cos Bill Clinton is so passe. I only wrote mostly about Lydia Shum died, and also put up a Tribute to Lydia Shum video on some of my blogs. My new blog is gaining good traffic and i hope in time to come i get a good pr too. Ah hah.... what am i gonna do with a good PR? *evil thoughts*

As today's Chap Goh Mei, i'm also damn glad that CNY is officially OVER. NO MORE KNN RELATIVES DROPPING BY!!! Anyone gonna watch the total lunar eclipse? For those of you who've been piling on those pounds throughout CNY, it's time you try out the latest craze in town called the flat belly diet. And would you stay off meat for good after watching the largest beef recall in US history - slaughterhouse video?

2 comments: said...

100 marks for stringing posts together. LOL.

L B said...

Happy Chap Goh Mei, Sexy Samm.. Throw me a kum, ok?