Thursday, February 14, 2008

Date for Malaysia 12th General Election Day announced

I caught the news on tv earlier when i was getting Gordon ready for school. So, the date for the Malaysia 12th General Election day is officially on 8th March 2008. I'm glad i heard it as hubby's aunt and uncle just dropped by and the whole gang is sitting outside at the living hall discussing whom they are gonna vote at the Malaysia 12th General Election Day. The thing is they have no idea when the Malaysia General Election will be held and my FIL came in to ask me. Now that he knows, i guess i will be listening to nothing but talks on the 2008 Malaysia 12th General Election till 8th March, lol. Get ready to cast your vote!!!


L B said...

Vote for me, okay? It's on my Birthday!!

Sing! Sing!!!

pyxarn said...

We never like to be told what to do but please reconsider your right and responsibility as a citizen and cast that vote :)