Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of Flat Belly Diet and total lunar eclipse on 20 February 2008

Ok, this is the latest craze. For those of you who've tried absolutely every single thing trying to shed all those pounds off, you may want to try the Flat Belly Diet. I know not everyone is as lucky as i am to stay slim even after two kids. So, this Flat Belly Diet may be the answer to your weight woes. Moreover, Chinese New Year is over, or would you rather wait till Chap Goh Mei?

I also heard that there's gonna be a total lunar eclipse on 20th February 2008. But then, it'll be 21st over here, k. I'm not staying up to watch it so if anyone do happen to snap a pic or two of the total lunar eclipse, drop me a comment, k. It's gonna be the very last eclipse till December 2010. So, anyone staying up to watch it? Or would you rather go throw oranges hoping for your knight to appear....

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