Monday, August 29, 2016

Samsung S Health App

I got to know about this Samsung S Health app after I bought the S7 Edge for the hubs. He is the kind of user that doesnt fiddle much with his phone. Not does he knows what's installed onto it either. Whatever that came with the phone is pretty much useless to him anyways. He only uses apps that deals with forex trading, lol.

Back to the app. I quite like the app's clean interface. Looks simple enough to at least get me to give it a try. So I went and downloaded it to my Honor 5x. So far, I managed to increase my water intake by a few extra cups. Cos you know, once you have set the minimum of 8 cups per day, it kinda nags at me each time I glance at it. And it's good for tracking coffee intake too which by my standard, is low. Max 2 cups per day. Sometimes, none too.

It is convenient to just holler at the kids to refill my cup. This is so not right as I am also supposed to get my getting-fatter-by-the-day ass off the dang chair as much as possible. My house is quite good for walking up and down as there is nothing much blocking my way from the entrance right straight into the kitchen. I can walk up down up down up down with ease.

Now that I have gotten the water part right, it's time I add steps and sleep time to my life. I haven't explored the rest of what the app has to offer. More later...


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