Thursday, June 16, 2016

How my teeth look like without the retainer - Part 1

This was how my teeth looked like on 10th June, still with the retainer on. As you can see, the front right tooth (in pic) has already moved back up into the gums aligned with the rest of its friends. On that very day, i had gum infection which started about two days back. I believe it was the softened gums that hastened the process altogether.

This pic of my teeth with retainer still on was taken on 14th June. Note the non-gaps to the left and right of the front tooth. It has been glued in temporarily to ease the pain caused by the gum swelling.

And this is how my teeth look like without the retainer. Taken same day as the pic above. Just different time. All aligned and like before. I still need to wear the retainer though in case the glue cracks or something like that. I still see it a bit angled inwards. Well, hopefully it will be rectified on my next visit on the 24th of June. Tahan....

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