Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Toothpicks with dental floss

I have stopped eating out altogether. It is either i remove the blardy retainer before i leave the house, or i need to flip it out of my mouth at the restaurant. By then, the tension pain from releasing the retainer will be present. Not to mention food now gets stuck at the back of my last two rear molars. Items like the retainer box and toothpicks with dental floss have somehow become permanent residents of my bag. Though they do not add weight to the bag, they do pose as a constant reminder that like it or not, its contents will be taken out right after a meal, lol.

Hot drinks are out of the picture these days, and ice cold ones have taken over their place at the table. I am not fond of cold drinks no matter how hot the weather is. I am more of a sip-hot-coffee-slowly kinda gal. That said, i am now at the foodcourt with hubby and sipping iced white coffee. Thank god my teeth can take the cold but let's not push my luck too far. I'd better go pack some lunch back as the kids will most prolly be up by the time i reach home. 

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