Friday, September 04, 2015

Laundry ocd!

It is nothing new that i have a particular system to adhere to for laundry. I have trained both my 9 and 12 year old boys to place dirty laundry into the washing machine. Set it to "soak", and press start. I prefer to hang all the washed laundry by myself. Ocd-me must turn every garment inside out, straightened and aligned properly on the hangers, with all the creases and wrinkles smoothed out before it goes onto the lines.

All small items like undies and shorts are hung at the back row nearest to the wall. I leave the middle row empty as clothes hung there tend to get in between the ones at the front row. The rest of the clothes like tees and towels and shirts are all hung at the front for easy collection once dried. I prefer to hang the larger clothing items to my right and the smaller ones at the left.

Once all the clothes are dried, the large ones are collected first. Each item will be crisp to the touch and very flat fresh off the hanger. The large tees will be the first to be collected, from the right of the front row to the left. They will then be folded into half vertically and draped onto the back of the chair one by one neatly. 

Next will be the towels if there is any. Then, the long jeans and such, all folded into half as i go. By the time i'm done collecting. Everything will be in a neat pile, ready to be taken upstairs. This way, the clothes remain crease and wrinkle free even if i decide to just leave them on a chair or the ironing board. I do have this habit of not putting them back onto their respective shelves, lol. 

All my clothes are hanged from hanging racks, not folded. I handwash all my delicate clothes and inner wear. Hubby has to take all his clothes back to his wardrobe for sorting. Geeee.... that vainpot has more clothes than me and the boys combined. The boys wear only tees and shorts. All goes onto the open shelves for easy access. 

Ok, that's all i have to crap as far as laundry is concerned. Really, it is the one of those mundane chores that takes the longest time ever to complete a cycle from wash to wardrobe. I dont like doing laundry not like what one silai once said how she loves standing in the sun hanging her laundry, wtf. I'd rather be rotting away in my room trying my best to win big money playing online slots malaysia .For me, twice a week of this is more than enough. And no sun please!

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