Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baccarat... played before?

Baccarat card counting system is the first thing that i want to learn if i want to win. FOR SURE!!! It may not be immediate, it may even take some time. I am sure if i were to work at the baccarat card counting system taught to me by my sifu, i will at least make back my initial deposit. This is not much la to begin with, lol. Only a couple of hundred bucks, ok. Do not be alarmed. I will never put my entire life savings into some online casino Malaysia site no matter what. I am just your regular scaredy cat. All my hard-earned cash will never go to waste unless i win.

I've tried out the steps mentioned in this baccarat card counting system and found that it does work. For one, i got my initial deposit back, and won 300 bucks woohoo. Ok, i know many would not approve of what i may be doing here. But in reality, it's my life. I rule, ok. Don't friggin' judge. Not that you are paying my bills or wat!!! Let me share a little with you. Way back say 18 months ago, i met with a friend who said he will teach me the best surewin baccarat card counting system in the world, that allows me to win as much as i want to. Bluff!!!! Pure bluff, aitelyu....

I followed this baccarat card counting system  and have since tested it out many times over, and i WON!!!! I WON!!!! I won at this online casino malaysia site too! Good news or what!!!

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