Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Great Deals On Daily Essentials - Free Delivery For Online Orders!!

With the current depreciation of the ringgit, everyone is trying their luck at some online biz or out looking for the best deal in town. True, especially when it comes to shopping for daily essential items. Things like diapers, milk powders, wet wipes and baby cereals are constantly running out. Myself, being a full time blogger with a network of blogs to run, have never had the time to drive to the mall each time something runs out.

Friends of mine would say to just ask the hubby to help out with the shopping. Of course, that can be done. Knowing men, they will just grab the first item they see off the shelf without looking at the price tags. Half the time, it is either we end up with the wrong brand, or items with a higher price. If only we had the convenience of shopping for daily essentials with the best prices back then. Life would have been much more easy for me. Not to mention i get to save more this way too.

Now, coming back to online shopping. There is everything to be liked about online shopping, especially when it offers free delivery service. And best of all, COD - Cash On Delivery. I have one here that offers such convenience and with the best price to match too. Take a good look at Ensogo, who just launched their latest campaign yesterday offering fast-moving consumer goods. Ensogo has their new Ensogo Mobile app or you can also shop at the official Ensogo website, convenient eh.

What i like about Ensogo is that my order gets processed and delivered within 24 hours from the time my order is placed. All that i need to do is be home to sign for the parcel. Or, if i choose to, inspect my goods first before paying with cash for it.

Do check out the Press Release by Ensogo on the launch of their daily essential products.
You need it, we have it 
Ensogo unveils Daily essential products at best price. 
KUALA LUMPUR, 11 August 2015 – As a leading e-commerce business, Ensogo now has broadened its range of products with a wide offering of household essentials and needs for everyday life. Parents can now own the cheapest diapers in Malaysia by simply purchasing through Ensogo website or their Mobile App. Managing Director of Ensogo Malaysia, Jan Hansen promises, “We will be continuously enhancing our assortment based on emerging wants and needs of our customers”. 
Everyday essentials like breakfast drinks, instant noodles, household cleaners and sundries are some that we offer to our customers, at best price.” Jan added. After successfully launching the new Android app in July, the Ensogo team keeps on track by finding new ways to simplify online purchases for consumers. With the findings, apart from paying online, Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment is now available for consumers to ensure hassle-free payment at the doorstep without any risk. 
This COD promotion is now available for all daily essentials on Ensogo, without having to juggle with cards or online banking services. Easy as it is, “the relation to our customers is built on trust, ours in our loyal customers as well as theirs in our products and services”, explains Jan Hansen. From payment to shipping, the process is eased and accelerated. To meet the current demand of busy mothers, young professionals or spontaneous shoppers, additionally 1-day-delivery was implemented for all daily essential products.
Do remember to key in the promo code FREESHIPPING during checkout to enjoy free delivery of daily essentials from Ensogo. And the good news is, there is no minimum purchase to enjoy the free shipping at all!!!

Have a great time shopping at Ensogo :)

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