Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kai Darn Thong Sui (Egg Dessert)

Everyone in my household love this Kai Darn Thong Sui. In fact, they love all kinds of thong sui which i never fail to make at least once each week. This is the first time i bought ingredients for Kai Darn Thong Sui from the chinese medical hall. The shop has already pre-packed the main ingredients and all that's needed is to add rock sugar, extra packet of snow fungus and eggs. Sounds easy, right. It's as simple as boiling the packet of chinese herbs, snow fungus in 4ltr of water, add hard-boiled eggs and simmer for 45mins, add rock sugar and simmer for a further 15mins till everything is well cooked, herbs and snow fungus softened, and the eggs adding further nutritional value and flavor to it. Enjoy it warm, or cold.


sengkor said...

if want 2 eggs how much...?

Samm said...

bring your own extra egg!!