Saturday, November 17, 2012

Melaleuca Melagel - Uses of Melagel

I cant leave the house to check out a friend's new online sportsbook malaysia site for a few short hours these days. I came home to a bloody 6yo with a deep wide gash on his head after #1 threw a stool at him. In a way, very thankful for it did not hit his face nor eye. Kids... *shakes head*

I disinfected the wound with a few drops of T36-c5 Melaleuca oil. I told my boy he can scream out loud if it stings. He didnt even wince at all. The only pain he felt was when i cleansed the surrounding areas of blood using filtered water (chlorine-free) and diluted sol-u-mel after a while. Even that, was from the pressure, and not from the solution.

After that, i applied Melagel (round disc) to seal up the gash. The high concentration of Melaleuca oil provides antiseptic and soothing power, preventing infection for a second time. This helps the wound to heal and repairs itself.

Melagel contains wheat germ oil, vitamin A, D3 and vitamin E, provides excellent antioxidant power to help wounds heal faster. Melagel prevents scarring too.


The natural cocoa butter helps soften the rough, damaged stratum corneum, while beeswax seals the wound to avoid contact with water and other sources of harm, preventing contact pain.
Melagel is chemical-free, doesnt sting, seals, protects and heals. It is safe and natural for:

1) Splinters
2) Bug bites
3) Bee stings
4) Minor burns
5) Minor scratches
6) Irritated skin
7) Minor cuts
8) Minor scrapes
For November: You can get Melagel twin-pack for Rm39. Saving you Rm5.
Normal price of Melagel is Rm22/disc.
T36-c5 Melaleuca oil is Rm24/15ml bottle
Delivery charges of Rm10/order applies to all.
Drop a comment to learn how you can buy it.

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