Friday, December 24, 2010

School holidays almost over....

The long school holidays came and went almost all too quickly. I got to do a lot with the boys this time. I've been very busy knitting toys for them both, and also for my friends. They ordered those knitted toys from me as Christmas gifts. Well, today is already Christmas Eve. Have you started cooking up a storm yet? Though we dont celebrate Christmas in this household, i do however, play some Christmas Carols on my computer for the kids to listen to.

School reopens in about ten days time. In a way, i'm also glad i sent my elder kid for holiday classes. If not, he may forget everything that he's learned over the months this year. Yesterday, hubby sent me to the bookstore to buy some last-minute back-to-school items. I'll have to start wrapping his school textbooks soon. The number of books are almost the same for next year. He will still need to carry two bags to school as usual.

Sigh, when will the school install Lockers for the schoolkids. School Lockers make life easier for everyone. I still think kids ought to be spared from all the weight of those heavy text books. It's so bad for the development of their backbone, dont you think so. Well, if you are a school authority, i think it's time you take a look at these Lockers for sale. Do consider installing them in school.

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