Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Check out these exciting Preschool Learning Games

In the blink of an eye, the whole of year 2010 is down to its last 30 days. Here where i live, we're into the first dozen days of the long year end school holidays. So far, the kids are behaving well. Gordon just started his holiday classes this Monday. Only my preschooler is home with me all the time. He's a fine kid but quite demanding. Yesterday, he requested that i buy him a toy fishing set. Well, he's a lucky kid as he has a mom who's good at crafting. I told him he's such a big boy now and he can help me make one instead of buying one from the store. That got him all excited and the both of us had a lot of fun making a toy fishing set together. And in about half and hour, he got to play with his new toy fishing set without having to leave the house nor spend a single dime.

Being a WAHM or work-at-home-mom isnt really easy at all. With the kids home all day long, i have to come up with things to keep them occupied. i cant be making things with them all the time, right. Gordon has a little homework to do each day. That will keep him occupied. He also loves to watch DVDs and i allow him to do so after he's finished his homework. As for Malcolm, he's at that stage where he wants to pry the computer from me. He's a fast learner and loves to explore the internet a lot. Well, if you have a preschooler, i'd like to recommend you check out these Preschool Learning Games. Malcolm enjoys the site very much and i also understand that those games are designed to inspire kids into becoming better thinkers.

The site only requires a simple registration process. Once you've activated your parent account, you can add in your kid's login and get started. There are some free games to get you started. If you kids loves it as much as mine does, then do consider upgrading to a paid subscription to move on to higher levels of learning fun. Oh, i gotta stop typing now as Malcolm wants to head to his favorite Kindergarten Games. Dont wait, just click on the link i left here in this post to get started. Have a great time there with your kid, ok. Tata!!!