Saturday, September 11, 2010

School holiday is almost over....

The week-long school holiday is almost over. My kids are going back to school in another two days time. That means, i only get to stay home and do practically nothing for another two days. Hubby didnt come back due to a very busy schedule. So, i cant go to the goldsmith's to check out their new range of gold jewelry. Gotta buy a nice wedding gift for a friend's daughter. I will not be able to attend her wedding together as hubby is away. I cant leave my kids behind at night as my in-laws are old and they need to rest. Anyway, a relative told me i can always buy her a gold coin instead of jewelry. Moreover, people seldom wear gold jewelry these days. Well, let's see if i can find her something fashionable or not. If not, i'll check out those gold coins she mentioned about.

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