Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looking for indoor and outdoor planters?

Friends find me weird as i can just stay home all day long. Well, what's there not to like about staying at home. It's comfortable, the fridge has plenty of food for me to cook, and i also have everything that i need to keep the kids fully occupied. If i were to take them out, i only end up stressed out. They can be quite a handful to handle when out. Moreover, hubby isnt around to help me mind the kids over the holidays. I sure dont want to go anywhere with them both on my own, lol. Home is still the best place to spend quality time with them.

I didnt get to clean the house nor throw out the accumulated junk over the months this school holiday. Tomorrow is the last day and i just want to sit in front of the pc. I may do some light gardening as it has weeds all over it. The kids comes back into the house with lots of seeds stuck to their pants each time. Those seeds can be really difficult to pluck out, you know. Sometimes, i wish we have a lawnmover at home. But then, we dont have a proper garden shed to house all the gardening stuffs in it. The lawnmover will only end up getting stolen, sigh.

I noticed there are many broken flower pots lying around the backyard. Will have to throw them all away before my kids hurt themselves throwing the broken pieces around. Then, many buy a few outdoor planters and move some plants over. I might as well an indoor planter too as the one we are having now is already more than 10 years old. Hope i can get the garden somewhat cleaned up and organized by tomorrow evening. 

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