Friday, September 10, 2010

Exam Preparation - Bahasa Malaysia Antonim

Gordon seems to have some kinda built-in mechanism in him that makes him sick on the last day of school right before the holidays. Last Friday, he ran a temperature during recess. So, we left school for home early. Good for him, he gets to rest at home. Bad for me, cos i didnt get to compile all his homework. 

Anyway, i managed to ask him teacher what's to study for his final term exam and she asked me to make sure he knows all his Bahasa Malaysia Antonim. I only managed to get hold of the words today as most of the parents i get in touch with left for their holidays, sigh. Three days to go before school resumes.

If you are curious as to what he has to memorize, here's the list of the Bahasa Malaysia Antonim words for his final exam:

Cerdik X Bodoh
Lulus X Gagal
Beli X Jual
Basah X Kering
Bersih X Kotor
Hidup X Mati
Bengkok X Lurus
Malam X Siang
Sihat X Sakit
Menangis X Ketawa

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