Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newborn fullmoon gifts

Gordon's gonna turn 7 tomorrow. Looks like Malcolm is far more excited than him, lol. He's already planned what kind of cake his brother is going to get for his birthday tomorrow. I still gotta go buy some wrapping paper back to wrap his presents up. My sis bought a set of watercolor pencils for him. Gordon actually asked for Woody, the cowboy in Toy Story 3. Abuthen, if i were to buy him that, Malcolm would ask for Buzz Lightyear too, lol. I havent found anything for Gordon yet. I think i'm going to take him shopping alone one day and see what he requests for. It's better that way. I still remember the time he was born seven years ago. Being the first grandchild of the family, my in-laws were so happy to have him around. It's a family tradition that each newborn gets a gold coin on their fullmoon. That's when we hold their 1st month's celebration. I'm going out now. 

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