Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bridge the gap with 3g video calls

With hubby away working in KL, both my kids miss him very much. Each day, either one of them is likely to request for a chat with him over the phone. I guess it's important for kids to stay in touch with their loved ones just like us adults. With the latest technology like 3g these days, we can even see each other over the phone. I'm using Maxis 3g and my kids get to see their Papa almost everyday even though he's working far away from home. It really doesnt cost an arm and a leg to stay in touch anymore. Check out Maxis' family packages and you'll be surprised at how economical it can to make video calls. Dont forget, you'll need to have a 3g phone with a camera in front in order to make video calls, ok. And oh.... they are very affordable these days.

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