Friday, August 27, 2010

Been to Myrtle Beach?

I'm feeling much better today after resting for a whole day yesterday. I fell ill on Wednesday night. Hubby had to rush all the way back from KL in the middle of the night to attend to me and both the kids. I have no idea what triggered the whole event. I only remember vaguely about arriving home, and waiting for my sis to reverse the car back into the car porch for me. I then had an acute abdominal cramp.

I called out for my FIL to open the door and i rushed in to the toilet. I dare not even close the door as i was very uncertain as to how i'll become. I then yelled for my sister to help me back into the bedroom and i just collapsed onto the bed. She went about rubbing ointment all over me. I was clammy and numb all over. I think it took nearly half an hour for me to feel better. If not, she might have called for an ambulance to send me to the hospital.

I'm also lucky that we're all having a long weekend off. Hubby will be home for a few days to make sure i fully recover. I guess it's all the stress due to my hectic daily schedule. I told him to come back more often and not to leave me home alone with the two kids most of the time. It's not good for my health. If i were to just drop dead, i dont think it'll benefit anyone at the end of the day. No matter how, he's gotta divide his time between work and family more effectively.

A few friends got word about what happened to me and called up for a chat. Jess told me to go off on a holiday next month. It's school holidays again. This time, we'll only be getting a week off. Well, a week is still better than nothing for everyone. Given the choice, i'd love to take the kids to the seaside. They love to swim and the beach will do everyone good. :)

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