Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Gordon's improvement

For the first time this year, Gordon passed one of his BM papers. In all, he passed 5 out of 10 of the papers he sat for. Out of the 10 papers, both science and maths in english arent counted towards the final marks for ranking. But that's not important to me at all. I'm happy as the effort i put in towards helping him score marks for his BM this time didnt go down the drain. He improved by 16 marks for this exam.

Dear parents, if you feel that your kids arent bright enough, or that you find it hard trying to prepare your kids for exams, please dont feel bad. My kid is autistic. I have to find all sorts of ways to get him interested and participate in what i'm trying to teach him. His attention span is around a minute or so. I have another 4 year old kid that constantly needs my attention too.

Conventional teaching methods doesnt go well with Gordon. Anything that requires a kid to sit down and listen will not work on mine. As he goes to a chinese school, he comes home with a hell lot of homework each day. He might take two hours just to finish one page of writing. If i dont help him out, nothing gets done in the 2 hours before bedtime.

I dont stress my kid out by making him finish his homework each night. I'd rather he gets enough sleep. To me, helping my kid learn is equivalent to playing a game. All kids like to play games. My kid is almost an expert when it comes to the internet, and all game consoles. Well, those are definitely more fun than studies, right. So, in order to get him to listen to what i have to teach him, my teaching method has to be as interesting as the games he like.

This time, i only concentrated in one single subject. As both BM and Chinese is rather foreign to him, i chose to focus in his BM as i'm just as hopeless when it comes to chinese. I made flash cards and let him play with them. The benefit to this is Malcolm gets to learn/play at the same time. I make Gordon correct his brother's mistakes. This way, he'll feel good as "kor-kor knows more".

Well, i hope his ranking improves this exam. But as long as it doesnt drop further than the previous exam, i'm still very happy. Am looking forward to see how he performed.


Montessorimum said...

no matter how small an improvement, it is a great triumph to the mother. I know how delighted and proud you are with Gordon's achievement. Marks that is not good enough to many parents, means so much to parents with special kids. I am going through that too.

2crazydogs said...

I'm very proud of you and Gordon. Love, patience and dedication pays. You rock, Sam! :D