Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where to buy funeral cover insurance?

Life can really be rather unpredictable at times. A couple of years back, my ex-neighbor opted for VSS. With the compensation offered to her, she went and set up a shop. After a few years, it flourished and she bought a new house. She even moved to a bigger shop. She moved to her new house late last year. She may have moved away, i still visit her at her shop once in a while. 

Last week, i got word from my MIL that she had passed away. My ex-neighbor had some form of incurable cancer. She was only 52, what a pity. I heard that she's used up almost all her life savings to treat her illness. If not for the funeral insurance she bought, her family would have problem with all the funeral expenses. When my late father passed away two years back, we spent about 30k for his funeral alone. Thanks to the contribution from friends and relatives, we are spared from having to pay the full amount.

If you dont have insurance coverage, i think it's also time you consider buying some. There are a lot of insurance packages like real life cover, funeral cover insurance, income insurance, etc to suit your needs. Dont burden your family in the event of your unexpected "leave".

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