Thursday, August 05, 2010

Of homework and storybooks

The sky threatened to pour when i was in the car with Gordon earlier. It's part of my daily routine to do some revision or make him finish whatever leftover homework from last night with him in the car the 30 - 45 minutes before class commences. So, had to rush him off to the hall lest he wets his shoes again. Made me waste a good 30 minutes of revision time thimmm....

Kanasai, it drizzled for a while and then stopped worrr. He has so many pages of writing to gaotim, man. Looks like i have to wave my magic wand again tonight. If not, the homework will just pile up by weekend leaving not much time left for revision and storybooks.

If time permits, i make him read one or two storybooks each week. He actually has quite a lot of storybooks. Just that, i hardly have time to read them with him. My car is kinda like a mini library. There's a book within reach wherever you sit, lol. 

I dont let them take toys into the car unless they sneak some in. I try to inculcate good reading habits as much as i can. And the best way is to read together with them both each time. Gotta start them young, if not, they wont bother to pick up a book when they are older.

Malcolm brings home a storybook from school each weekend. He will show it to me without fail on Friday night and i'll read it together with them both for three days straight. Malcolm is more talkative than Gordon and we can discuss the pictures on each page. As for Gordon, it's good enough that he participates and answers my questions.

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