Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wish my kid's school have lockers

Today is the last day of mt kid's school exam. I dont know how he's doing as he cannot relate to me. He only answers, "ok..." to each and every question i ask him, lol. I really hope this time, his results are OK compared to the two previous terms!! The only thing i love about school exam is he dont have to carry lots of text books with him each day. As he studies in a chinese school, he needs to carry two separate bags with him each day. One for his text books and endless activity books, the other for his exercise books. If i were to place all his text books, activity books and exercise books in one single school bag, it'll be far too heavy for his small frame, believe you me.

Each day, i see many school children all hunched over with their heavy bags on their shoulders. I've observed that most of them do not have their schoolbags close to their back. It's hanging down their waist putting a big strain on their back bone. This is not good in the long run. I adjust my kid's schoolbag's shoulder strap twice a week to ensure that it's close to his body once i place it onto his shoulders. I just wish his school can have a locker for each student to place their school books in. School lockers are a necessity these days and i hope the school's PIBG can come up with a solution to address this problem. Well, there are lockers for sale everywhere these days. I believe it's every parent's wish to see their kids going to school with lighter school bag. You too, right.


Inspired Momx1 said...

My boy, in std 1 this year, has to drag his rock heavy school bag to school even when the exam is on. In Malaysia, I don't think lighter bags for students will ever happen or I am just too negative.

michael said...

Don't be negative. It will not happen now but maybe in the near future.
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