Sunday, July 04, 2010

Rock Climbing Supplies Store

Ah Pa is back and he's taken Malcolm out to 7-11. On the way home, we passed by the just-set-up Happy Fun Park, and Gordon requested we take him there. In fact, that's the only reason he wants Papa home. It's becos i told him to ask Papa to take him there when he's back, lol. So, you can imagine how disappointed he was when i drove past the Fun Park. Ah Pa needs to unpack his luggage and take a rest first. Moreover, it's a weekend and the road is full of cars. There's no way we can find a car park near enough to the park. It's better to take him there on a weekday. I can skip homework for just one night :p

It's Sunday noon and i dont feel like going anywhere. Anyway, i stumbled across this Rock Climbing supplies store. I've watched lots of documentary programs on Rock Climbing before. I believe one must be super daring to go Rock Climbing, dont you think so? If you were to ask me to carry with me all those Rock Climbing Helmets, Rock Climbing Harness, Rock Climbing Ropes, Shoes, Belay Devices and Quickdraws, i think i'll be out of energy even before i start my climb, lol. If you go Rock Climbing a lot and am looking for the best Rock Climbing equipments, then please, go buy them here.

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