Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dress up your windows with window flower boxes

I have many friends living in apartments in the city. Price of landed properties are just far too high for them to buy. When i was still living in KL, i also stayed in a one-room apartment together with hubby. The thing about staying in an apartment is the lack of outdoor space available to us. For those who love gardening, i believe this is also one of your main grouses, right. How to have a mini garden?

In my old apartment, i have one window facing the main corridor. We cannot place any of our belongings outside as it'll obstruct traffic. Well, this simply means not even a small shoe rack. Forget about placing a flower pot on the ground. After going through the apartment's rules one day, i read that they did not mention about placing things on my window. As i wanted to have some flowers outside my window, i went about looking for window boxes.

My window is not very big and i found window plant boxes offered at very affordable prices at the mall one day. I bought one back immediately and had it installed to my window. I then had a much better when i looked out the window from the kitchen. And since that day, a few of my neighbors did the same thing too, lol. 

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