Saturday, July 03, 2010

Have attending a Paddleboard Race before?

July 4th is just round the corner. Are you planning to go naywhere that day? My firned just emailed me saying she'll be attending some Paddleboard Racing which will be held near where she stays. I've never been to a Paddleboard race before, have you? I dont think it's a popular sport where i live. 

Anyway, Malcolm will be turning 4 on the 2nd. Papa is already on his way home and we'll be going out shortly to pick him up from the railway station. It's a nice old white building and my kids love to runabout there. I hope the train will be punctual. I was late the last time and we had to wait outside in the car for more than half an hour as i got tired of chasing after two fully charged up kids.

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