Monday, June 14, 2010

Online Math tutor

My kid's tutor is on leave for the whole of this week. She's taking her kids to Penang for a long holiday. This means, i have to help Gordon with his revision by myself. I'm lucky that it's the school holidays and i dont have to rush through his homework. It can be stressful as he still hasnt grasped the concept that he needs to complete all his writing and activity books for the following day. If it's just revision, i dont have much problem with both his English and Bahasa Malaysia books. As for Chinese books, that's an entirely different story. I cant read nor write in that language :(

I have a friend who seek help from an Online Tutor to assist with her kid's school homework. He told me he doesnt have much problem with his kid's homework with this Free Online Tutoring. His kid is weak in Math and needs Math help each day. Well, I'm glad that Math is Gordon's strongest subject in school. My kid just have a way with numbers and he scored quite well in Math for his recent mid-year exam. I'm sure a lot of students are weak in Math. 

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