Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you like to soak in a long bath?

The weather is not too hot for the past few days. I dont even have to turn on the air-conditioner during the day. At night, i only turn it on when it's time to head to bed with the temperature set to 24 degrees Celcius. It wont turn the room freezing cold, but just right for snuggling under the sheets. I've not been out much this school holiday as i dread walking about under the harsh rays of the sun. I thought i'd become a bit fairer if i stay indoors. But then.... sigh.... it's so not happening. I still look as though i'm part of the living hall's furniture, lol. Looks like i ought to wear long sleeve shirts when i drive. Time to buy another new umbrella too.

To stay cool during the day, i let the kids bathe twice a day. Talking of bathing, the kids are getting a tad too big for their bath tubs. If only i have the cash, i'd love to renovate the bathroom now and have a long bath installed. I believe everyone would love to relax in it. When i was still living in KL, the apartment i lived in has a long bath. I used to soak in it for a long time with my favorite aromatherapy oil on the burner. It's relaxing and one of the best way to destress after a long day of work. Too bad, i no longer have that kind of luxury now. 

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