Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking for Dallas pawn shops?

It's already the second week of the school holidays. Have you been anywhere with your kids? I was rather surprised that hubby took leave from his busy schedule and came back to spend some quality time with the kids and i. We didnt go anywhere but stayed home to play video games. Of course, we took the kids out for food nd shopping. The kids dont get to go shopping much unless hubby is around as i really cannot handle both of them by myself.

With hubby home, i get some time to clean up the house. I cleared out a lot of old and unused stuffs. I'm glad i did that as i found my long-lost gold chain. All the while, it's been lying in a corner of the guest room. If i've hired those hourly domestic helpers, i might not see it forever. I guess it's my lucky day, lol. Talking of gold jewelry, i have a friend who pawned all of hers to settle some debt recently. She lost a lot of money in a bad business deal recently.

There are quite a lot of pawn shops near my house and i wonder how much they will pay for gold? Anyway, i'm not going to pawn any of mine. Gonna leave them all to my kids next time. 

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