Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fuel saving tips

When i sent my Perodua Alza in for its first service, i got a reading of 14.4l/100KM for fuel consumption when i got it back. That translates a hefty 25.9 cents of fuel needed for each KM that i drive. That's very expensive as i'm only driving a 1.5l car. I asked around for advice on how to bring my Alza's fuel consumption down and got a few good tips. First of all, i must always remember to step lightly on the accelerator, especially when the car is in a stationary position; like when i'm at the traffic lights. 

Although price of gas is still reasonably low now at Rm1.80 per liter, i want to make good use of every drop that i have in my gas tank. So, each time when i see my tank is at half full, i will head to my favorite gas station to have it filled up again. I'm also advised to refuel my gas tank in the morning or at night so i get more for my money. Gas molecule does expands in the afternoon/evening when temperature is at its highest. Also, i squeeze the trigger at its slowest to minimise vapour creation. I sure dont want to watch my money evaporating, lol.

To date, i have successfully brought my Alza's fuel consumption reading down to 12l/100KM. That's 22 cents/KM. I am sure with good driving habits, i can bring it down even further. My aim is a reading of less than 10. I. Therefore, whether you are driving a Mercedes Benz, Audi, Alza, or Chevy Camaro. You will save on fuel if adopt some of the tips i mentioned here in this post. 

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