Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Fever 2010

World Cup 2010 is still ongoing. I wonder which country will win the World Cup this year. Many of my friends predicted England will win. What about you? I'm not a fan of the World Cup but i do watch a match or two together with hubby at the foodcourt whenever he's back from KL. The experience is very different from watching it at home as whenever a team scores a goal, the whole place is filled with both cheers and boos, lol. Me, i will just sit there and enjoy my beer with a packet of groundnuts.

Recently, our government ditched the idea of legalising sports betting in the country. The idea was initially cooked up as it's supposed to curb illegal underground sports betting. I'm not a gambler, so whether we have sports betting outlets or not, it's not going to make a difference to me. Even if we dont, i believe gamblers have plenty of bookie friends, lol. Or they can also head over to some online sports betting sites and bet on sports there. These days, online sports betting have become very common. Well, World Cup Fever is still on. I hope you win a lot this year. Good Luck, ok.

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