Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jamaican Holidays

A friend read my previous post and told me about Negril Jamaica and Runaway Bay Jamaica. Both these are all inclusive vacation packages. Jamaican holidays sounds exotic to me. Anyone here been to Jamaica before? I'm in no hurry to book now but i want to plan in advance. If possible i want to take the kids along with me. Though i'd love to leave them behind with my in-laws, i know i'll be thinking of them all the time. So, might as well take them along with me. They are bigger and much easier to care for now. Unlike last time when Malcolm was still a clingy baby.

When the boys were younger, i really didnt feel like going anywhere with them. Gordon loves to runabout and i dont think i'll enjoy chasing after him all the time throughout my vacation, lol. As for Malcolm, all he wants to do is stick to my boobs. I'm actually in the midst of weaning him off. Wish me luck. I really need lots of it this time. It's been more than three and a half years and i'm 100% worn out from lack of sleep. I've done my best for him and it's time to end this special bonding moments. I have lots of pictures to remember the moments.

Well, i'll bookmark these Breezes Resorts for the time being. I have another email coming in. It's from another friend with another suggestion for me. Am going to check that out and see how it compares.Planning for a vacation is so much fun. Will let you know later how the next one goes, ya.

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