Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A typical weekday in Samm's life

My typical day starts at 7.30am when my phone alarm beeps. My kids usually wake up together with me. The moment they jump off the bed, chaos reigns. Malcolm tends to cry and whine a lot. Dunno why. Maybe it's because he's hungry, or simply wants full attention from me. Whatever Gordon touches, he'll make a grab for it. Gordon will of course get mad and retaliates; and the dog fight begins even before i get the chance to leave the room or get off the bed.

I will then quickly prepare breakfast for them as i gotta send Gordon off to his tutor's at 9am. I can then opt to go home and get Malcolm ready for school, or take him go buy grocery items nearby the house. Once home, i'll get myself ready and prepare his lunch pack to take to school. That kid still forgets to eat his food during recess. No idea why as he cannot tell me. I just have to make sure he goes to school with a full stomache.

I'll have to go pick him up at 10.40am. Once home, i'll bathe, change him into his school uniform and get his lunch ready for him. MIL may or may not cook lunch. She may buy something back from the nearby coffeeshops instead. I leave the house at 12pm sharp. Drops Malcolm off at the Kindy, then send Gordon to school. I will then hang around the school entrance until i feel it's safe to leave. That'll be around 1pm+. Reason was during the first week, there was once he strolled right to the gate and no one noticed. If i had not pulled him back, he may have walked out the gates and... *go figure*

I give Gordon 20 cents so that he can learn to buy things from the school canteen. The girl operating the stall happens to be an old schoolmate of mine. I took Gordon to her during the first week and told her to help him decide what he can buy with that one 20 cents coin. On the third day, he showed the kacang puteh man the coin, took his kacang puteh and put the coinback into his pockets, lol. I was there to guide him that day. Hope he remembers the steps next time.

Once the kids are in school, i'll go back to my Mom's with my laptop. Here, i can blog in peace and quiet. No point going home as Malcolm comes home at around 4pm. What can i blog in 2 hours time. I gotta work lah, ok. Moreover, it's going to be really difficult to leave the house when it's time to go pick Gordon up. My in-laws have to help keep an eye on him. As i've paid a montly parking fee at the parking lot behind the school, i dont have to worry not being able to find a parking space when i go pick my kid up from school around 5.30pm.

I'm usually back home by 7pm. Then, it's the same old routine of bathe-change-food. At 8pm or so, i'll go through Gordon's schoolbag and check for the day's homework. After that, i'll do some light revision with him. I'd love to help him with his English and BM homework if possible so that he get's ample time to do his Chinese homework at his Tutor's. But with Malcolm around, nothing gets done wan lah. Then, i'll help him pack his books according to the time-table for the next day. NO TV, and then it's milk time and off to bed latest by 9.30pm.

I'm also half dead by then and will usually sleep with them at that time. But if i can wake up early enough say around 5 or 6am or so, i can still squeeze in some blog updating. I promised myself i gotta get at least 8 hours sleep each day. Been a night-owl for far too many years. Well, now that you know. My days are now filled with parenting/childcare activities and blogging activities. So, dont disturb me unless absolutely necessary. I've got a target to hit and it's almost the mid of January.....

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Twin said...

u give gordon 20cents to buy what. i think here no 50cents no buy .. bloody expensive. yea same old routine for me too ... by end of the day i'll be dead tired too!