Monday, January 11, 2010

New rimless spectacles

Just got back from the Optical shop. Had to replace my spectacles frame as it's gotten too loose to stay on my face. As parents, we cannot afford to have expensive spectacle frames when we have active kids. The moment they grab hold of it, it's time to say bye-bye to it, lol. As my power is still the same, i dont see the point in getting a new pair of spectacles. Instead, i told them to replace the frame with the rimless type using the same prescriptive lens from the old frame. That prescription lens cost me a bomb last time. Dont waste, hoh. Money hard to come by these days. If i were to make a new pair, god knows how many hundred bucks i had to vomit out. For rm60, i get a whole new pair of spectacles. And it's oh-so-light too compared to the frame type. Bliss. Pray Malcolm doesnt get hold of it again. *touch wood*

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Twin said...

hehe good luck to u!!!