Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You say she deserves a dose of my laser tongue or not

This is to the knnmcb parent/guardian/driver who stop your car parallel to the school, get down to walk your kid into the school compound, stand at the door and talk to the teacher for like 10 minutes, pick the other kid up, walk the kid back to the car, fiddle with your kid's face/hair/bag/tumbler for another 10 minutes, before adjusting your blardy cow-dung face at the rear mirror before driving off. Every fcuking day also lidis. Mahai, you think you are the only one who has to drop and pick kids up issit. The rest of the cars all have to line up behind you waiting for god-knows-how-long issit. You nonid to work issit. You own the fcuking road issit. You maderfarker brainless bitch. End of rant.

1 comment:

Twin said...

yea i oso hate parents lidat ... no brains .. wat to do!