Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gordon's first baby-tooth-out day!!!

Gordon had his very first lower front tooth yanked out by yours truly just now. He's been very brave for the past few weeks. Didnt even whine about the discomfort at all though he kept telling me to take him to the "teeth doctor". I took him there when i first spotted his new sprouting tooth on the first week of school. The dentist told me it's alright and to let it drop on its own. I tried pulling it a ouple of times by hand for the past few days but the tooth refuse to come off. Today, it was especially loose. So, i fast fast wound a strand of fine yarn round it and gave it a pull. It didnt come off but i guess it loosened it enough for me to pull it out by hand. Me so brave, horrrr.... Too bad i dont have any Davidoff cigars with me. If not, i hand some out and celebrate Gordon's first baby-tooth-out day, lol. Errrr.... what am i supposed to do with it? Keep ah?

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ladyyjae said...

hello.just dropping by been to your page for a few times! love reading your posts! =)