Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's been a long month for me

Week 4

Gordon has improved a lot this week. He's more willing to stay put in line when at the basketball court. Just like i told the school, i guessed he's already surveyed most of the school surroundings. It only takes time for him to settle down. Well, in time to come, he will be like the rest of the kids. I'm really looking forward to the day Gordon can be more independent and take care of himself and his things.

I've been accompanying him during recess for a week now and he's more cheerful. The reason he doesnt want to eat any of the food i prepared for him as he wants to buy food from the canteen stalls. Though he has money with him, he didnt have the confidence to walk up to the stalls and buy food when i wasnt with him. He's can now do that on his own, but still needs a little help.

I will continue to sit with him during recess till i feel he can remember the whole routine of "go to the toilet-wash hands-buy food-eat-wash hands-line up back to class". I've helped him make a few friends too. The other boys are more steady and i've told them to help me keep an eye on Gordon when i'm not around. His cousin will turn up every now and then. They're both in different classes.

I now go up to his class before school's over to help him take down his homework and show him how to pack his bags. I can feel why his teacher requested that i do so as it really takes up a lot of her time and the rest of the boys have to wait for her. My SIL asked me to help her fetch her kid home too. I agreed as i feel it's good for Gordon as he can be closer to his cousin brother. He needs a playmate his age other than Malcolm.

I just hope his cousin isnt whiny when school's over. If not, i'll have to get his mom to gaotim him herself. How to handle him when it can be difficult to even get Gordon to go into the car. Too much temptations from the stalls. More later, ya.

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