Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rain Collection System is a good Green Building Idea

The only thing i can think of when it comes to life in Malaysia is rain rain rain and more rain. Other than that, it's the stifling heat. As it's the end of the years now, rain is in abundance. I suck at Geography and wont know how many inches of rain we get in a year. But i can tell you it's A LOT!!! It rains every other day here now. I can hardly leave the house these days. Getting in and out of the car with two kids in tow is a real hassle as my MIL likes to park the car outside the house. I have to reverse the car into the porch and get them into the car, drive out, get down from the car to lock the gates, and get in again. See what i mean when i say it's a real hassle. I'm really clumsy with the umbrella and i usually end up getting wet by the time i get back into the car, damn.

I know i shouldnt be complaining much as it's only the heat and rain that i have to live with. In a way, i'm also glad that we dont have that much natural disasters compared to other countries. Talking of rain, i heard of a Green Building Idea whereby one creates a rain collection system for the garden. It can be used to replace a costly sprinkler for your grass and plants. I have a garden and if only i know how to get it done, i'll get right down to it. It'll be good during the hot months. Saves me lots of time and money watering the plants. 

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