Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Too many clothes, not enough space

Hubby has been traveling a lot since the beginning of this year. Over the months, he has accumulated quite a lot of things. This man, he shops more than i do. Being a woman, i feel inferior shopping with him as he ends up with more shopping bags eachtime we leave the mall, lol!!!! It's not uncommon to see him buying shoes and clothes each time he comes home. He claims he needs to dress well when he sees his customers and he does not want to wear the same clothing over and over again.

My wardrobe ran out of space long ago and i had to throw some of mine away to make room for his ever increasing pile of clothes. The guest room wardrobe is also full. Oh, that's an exceptional case as my MIL refuse to give away all her old clothes. She can no longer fit in any of them and yet, she takes up three wardrobes just for her existing and old ones, sigh. These days, i just leave hubby pants on the guest room bed. I think it's more easy for him to locate them when he packs his luggage. I hate it when he comes asking where his clothes are. I never bother to answer and just tell him to go buy more. My mind cannot keep up with his clothes, lol.

Since i dont have the money to renovate my house, the next best solution is to get a self storage for him. You know companies like Anaheim Self Storage provides storage units for rent. I'm so gonna go through the Yellow Pages and get him one that fits into our garden. I can then move every single unused items from the house and let them rot at the self storage unit. Dont you think it's a wonderful solution for all. If you are also running out of interior spaces for your items, maybe it's also time for you to consider renting a self storage unit. 

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