Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I cannot work with human beings

To be honest, it's the lure of a higher salary that led me to leave Ipoh way back in 1994. Or was it 1994? Cant really remember already. I got an offer to work at a PR Agency for Rm2.2k/mth. That's a lot of money compared to what i was getting in Ipoh back then. I never gave it a second thought. I just packed my bags and left the comfort of home for a life filled with stress, traffic jams and endless datelines in KL.

I worked at the company for 5 months, and called it quits. I'm just not cut out to be a salary earner. I cannot stand having to wake up as early as 7am everyday, just so to rush to the office to slot my attendance card into the Electronic Employee Time Clock by 9am. All i remembered was i slept for a good 48 hours the days i handed in my resignation letter. That day, i ended my "Employed" status and moved on to being "Self-employed". Or you can also call that "Unemployed", lol.

Life is really great when one doesnt have anyone to report to in order to take home a pay check. I'm the kind of person that performs best when money is low, lol. And that's how i started my own interior design company with hubby (bf then) as my business partner. After slaving in the industry for about 8 to 9 years, i stopped what i was doing and decided to stay home. I realized that i dont really enjoy working with human beings, period. After starting my first blog and finding that i can make money with it from home, i found that i can do much more online that in real life.

What about you? Do you enjoy being "employed". Do you have what it takes to step out of the rat race at the drop of a hat? I understand that many of you think that job security is all that matters, right. But what if one day you get retrenched and cannot find a job nor another way to earn a living? How long can you sustain without a pay check? What would you do? Life is not all about making sure your attendance card is placed into the Electronic Employee Time Clock on time each day.

But i i'm an Employer, i'll make very sure i have the latest gadgets like a Electronic Employee Time Clock to track your attendance so that i dont overpay you for cheating on company's time, lol. I'm paying you to slave for me, whether you like it or not. Your time is my commodity and i sure want to maximise it to my selfish advantage, lol.

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