Monday, December 07, 2009

Of marble and tile flooring

Our current house has marble flooring. It's very easy to maintain. The best thing about having marble flooring is, it makes the interior more cooling. My in-laws had marble flooring installed when they bought the house. Definitely the best decision they've ever made. Nowadays, nearly all new houses come with tile flooring. Some of the latest tile designs even resembles marble flooring. So mush so that one can hardly tell them from the real thing. Tile flooring is a lot cheaper than stone flooring. As for maintenance, tile flooring is still a bit sticky no matter how hard i mop it whereby marble flooring only requires water to clean it. I'll still go for stone flooring for the main areas if i were to have my very own place next time. What about you? Do you like tile flooring or stone flooring?

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