Saturday, December 05, 2009

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My eyes are stinging badly again. Just removed my contacts and am wearing my glasses now. This is one of the reasons why i seldom sit here at the pc for long hours. My eyes really cannot take the strain anymore. My SIL gave me a bottle of artificial tears eye drops and told me to apply some to my eyes every few hours. Her kid had dry eyes syndrome for a long time and this is what cured him of his misery.

I noticed that my kid is also blinking a little more than usual these days. Maybe he's been watching too much DVDs since it's the holidays. Another thing is the cold air in the room. Had better turn the air-cond off as much as possible too. Someone told me to buy a humidifier back so that the air inside the room isnt so dry. It will benefit my skin and also ease breathing difficulty.

just now, i was chatting with a friend and she asked me why i dont get lasik for my eyes. Me, i dont think anyone with dry eyes syndrome is suitable for lasik. Anyway, i am very scared of lasik to begin with. Even if someone were to sponsor it, i dont think i'll ever go for lasik in my life. 

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LasikExpert said...

Something important about artificial tears for dry eye problems is preservatives.

I work with a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy. We do not provide Lasik, we just evaluate Lasik results and certify Lasik doctors who meet the organization's requirements.

Preservatives are like a little toxin. They are there to kill the bugs that make artificial tears spoil. Putting toxin in your eyes - even the relatively safe kinds of preservatives used in eye drops - can build up over time and cause irritation. The preservatives in artificial tears can even cause dry eye symptoms!

Preservative-free artificial tears are available from just about all major manufacturers. They are easy to spot because they come in single-use vials and (of course) cost more than preserved tears.

Why do I know so much about artificial tears? Because many Lasik patients experience dry eye symptoms during the Lasik healing period.

Glenn Hagele
Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance