Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My sanity getting tested

It's only the second week of the long school holidays and i'm almost sott liao. The kids only want to fight, scream and cry. If this goes on, i'm going to haul myself to TR, lock myself in a room and throw away the keys, lol. My mind is so blank that i have nothing much to blog about these days. Oh, maybe i'll just tell you about the bout of food poisoning i had last Thursday. I was feeling so down and out, tummy cramps, fever and all. Lucky for me my sis took a week off to spend with her kids and she came over to take Malcolm to spend the night at her place so that i can get a good rest. Sometimes, i wonder why each time hubby goes back to KL, i just have to come down with kind of illness, damn. He's on his way home now. Cant wait for him to arrive home so that i can disappear and let him have them with him 24/7 :p

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Twin said...

hehehe poor poor sam .. no worries la .. everything sud be fine!